We have complied a list of terms and abbreviations that will help you understand how to read the blog posts, white board and translate a common CrossFitter conversation.
  • #= lb or pound
  • 1RM= 1 Rep Max
  • 3RM= 3 Rep Max
  • AMRAP= As Many Rounds As Possible
  • Box= Crossfit gym
  • BJ= Box Jump
  • BW=Body Weight
  • C2=Concept 2 Rowing Machine
  • Chipper=4 or more movements within a WOD* (*see WOD)
  • Community=A group of people with common sets of values and beliefs
  • Couplet=2 movements within a WOD
  • C2B= Chest to Bar
  • DU= Double Under
  • EMOM=Big sister of OTM, Every Minute on the Minute
  • GHD= Glute Ham Developer
  • GHDSU= Glute Ham Developer Sit Up
  • GHDHX= Glute Ham Developer Hip Extension
  • GHR= Glute Ham Raises
  • HSPU= Handstand Pushups
  • ITTR= In The Time Remaining
  • Kg= Kilogram
  • KB= Kettlebell
  • K2E= Knees to Elbows
  • MetCon=Metobolic Conditioning
  • MRE=Max Rep Effort
  • MU= Muscle Up
  • OHS= Overhead Squat
  • OTM= On The Minute
  • PR= Personal record
  • ROM= Range of Motion
  • RX= Prescribed (WOD that is done as intended, movements and weights not scaled.)
  • SDHP= Sumo Deadlift High Pull
  • Sharif- To sweat uncontrollably all over the gym
  • Tabata= A protocol of 20 seconds working 10 seconds resting for 8 rounds
  • Triplet=3 movements within a WOD
  • T2B= Toes to Bar
  • TGU=Turkish Get Ups
  • Virtuosity=Performing the common uncommonly well
  • WOD= Workout Of the Day
  • WB= Wallball

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