Athlete Testimonials

Brigid Wolf
I chose Crossfit Beverly for the community and the coaches. Every coach is encouraging and offers cueing and correction to ensure that I learn proper techniques, set up, modification of loads to avoid injury. I like that the commitment to safety is so strong. Before joining, I attended a 12 class series “On-Ramp” where we learned proper position and alignment in preparation for the Work out of the Day(WOD.) I am a recovering couch potato so I also deeply appreciate the attitude of the other members. Without exception they are encouraging, supportive and welcoming. When I was struggling to finish a WOD every single person in the class was waiting for me and cheering me on. Finally, I am impressed by how the community extends beyond itself and retains a consciousness, care and respect for all those who serve daily to protect our lives, property, and freedom as teh membership is comprised by a lot of Police, Fire, Medics, Nurses and teachers. When I think I can’t do something the reminders of this broader community and their sacrifices help me keep going.

Faarooq Lowe
I came to  Crossfit Beverly looking to push my body to the limit. After being fairly athletic throughout my youth and adult life, working long hours in IT began to take its toll.
So to augment my martial arts training and improve my overall conditioning, I tried bootcamp training at Crossfit Beverly. To say that I have been more that happy would be an understatement.
Since joining Crossfit Beverly at 50, I have shaved off 30+ pounds, improved my overall conditioning and athletic ability as well as gotten stronger in ways I wouldn’t have imagined at this age.
All of the coaches here are great and I have learned a great deal from each and every one of them.

Brian McArdle

I must admit that when I started there was some trepidation, after the first couple of workouts I went home and told my wife, I’m not so sure about this, that was 5 years ago this October, and I never looked back!! Crossfit Beverly literally changed my life; I lost 35lbs in the first 6-8 months and have been able to keep it off!!
The sense of community here is AWESOME. Everyone here is vying for the same result; get healthy and possibly a little stronger!! There’s a comfort feeling when, working out with a group, knowing that everyone is trying there asses off, just as you are, no judgement, just positive encouragement!!! It really is a great experience, with a great atmosphere!!
The coaching staff is GREAT too, always there to help or make a simple suggestion to help you achieve your goals!!!
If you’re thinking about trying CrossFit I would say there’s no better place, certainly not on the south side of Chicago, than Crossfit Beverly!!! Don’t be intimidated by the workouts or movements, all can be adjusted to put your mind at ease but still offer a challenge, that’s what our Coach’s are so great at!!
Come on in and give it a try, you won’t regret it!!!
” You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!!”

Sarah Reed
It took my husband an entire year of telling me how great Crossfit is and how great and encouraging the athletes were at CFB before I would go near the place. I was actually terrified to start. But, very hesitant I did On-Ramp coached by John and learned a ton in those 3 weeks. I learned that I was stronger than I thought I was. I learned I hate med ball cleans and I really wanted to learn how to do this Crossfit stuff! Watching all of the other athletes is so inspiring you guys are so amazing, accompanied by the BEST coaching staff made joining a no brainer. That decision really has changed our lives and we are forever grateful. One of my favorite things at the gym is all of those future athletes that come in with their parents, who once in a while gaze up from their phones/ tablets or stop mid play to see all of us encouraging each other while we absolutely destroy a WOD. I smile when I think of the stories they will have.

Carla Aguilar
I had the opportunity to drop in the Crossfit Beverly for a few days. I have been doing crossfit in Denver for the past couple of years and I want to say that this gym was one of the best that I have dropped into. They have great coaching with a lot of attention to form and to the individual athletes in the class, a clean facility, and great members. I felt very welcome by everyone in the classes. If you’re on the Southside I highly recommend that you check out Crossfit Beverly! Five Stars!

Rocky Gupta
I can’t say enough about my experience at CrossFit Beverly. John, the other coaches, and all of the athletes make this not only a great place to work out, but a great community.

I did on-ramp in September, when John really showed how much he cared. I was unable to attend several of the sessions at the specified times, so he work one on one with me during his spare time to make sure it was convenient for me. Since completing on-ramp, I have been regularly attending WODs and am thrilled with the entire experience, especially the results. I was a little nervous about the entire Crossfit thing, but I can honestly say I have never felt even the least bit uncomfortable. There is absolutely no pretense and no BS at this box.

I can confidently say that at 37 years old, I am in the best shape of my life (including high school football). I am well on my way to my goal weight, completing a 10 mile race, and my confidence is through the roof. Thanks, John and everyone at Crossfit Beverly.

What are you waiting for? Do it!


Kelly Lydon
I love being a part of the CFB family.  I honestly have grown as much as a person as I have as an athlete.  I have noticed a considerable change in my appearance, but also, my emotional and mental toughness has increased exponentially.  I can’t thank John enough for providing me with the resources and opportunity to excel.  This experience honestly means the world to me.

Jess C
The coaches take time to correct bad form and breakdown movements in the warm-up, skill and thru the WOD. Yep CFB is superb because of awesome coaching!

 Jen “Jail” Matlob
It is the best gym I have ever belonged to. Encouraging and supportive community… Here you are treated like family!

Jason “9-Lives” Bienko
The coaches are amazing!! They continually help me improve on my form and technique which allows me to lift more and make gains to my level of fitness. The community is beyond awesome!! From the second I walked in the door I was welcomed graciously. CrossFit Beverly ROCKS!!

Dan Miller
I started coming to CFB in January, in the worst shape of my life.  My diet was terrible and the only exercise I was doing was changing the buttons on my TV remote.  I knew I had to do something and CrossFit had caught my attention.  I can’t tell you how apprehensive I was to try, I couldn’t do a pull up and I thought I would completely embarrass myself.  There were many days during On-Ramp I doubted myself where I sat in my car before class and thought about going home and how easy it would be to quit.  But the funny thing was I was seeing results.  I would tell myself to just get my ass in the box!  The workout would get done – I just had to get in, the staff and other athletes in the gym would push me through.

Something incredible happened, my main focus shifted.  I no longer wanted to “lose weight.”  I wanted to perform better!  I knew my performance would be so much better the leaner I became.  I didn’t care about embarrassing myself, because the community at CFB is amazing.  Nobody cares if I had to scale, they want me to do the best I can and set PR’s for myself.  I can say it has been hard.  Big changes are not easy.  My diet has seen a huge transformation, and it continues to evolve.  I am learning more about myself than I ever thought possible.  When I hit plateaus there are plenty of people who offer suggestions.  And there are plenty of people from whom I gather inspiration.  You post on the CFB website how proud you are of the gym.  You should be!  I have never seen anything like it!  I have gained so much from coming to CFB and the character of the community starts at the top.  You do an amazing job.  From the programming, your selection of trainers, and the “vibe” throughout the box.  It starts with you and you do a great job.

So, to make a long story short, Thank you.  I am so grateful.  You have given me the opportunity to improve my relationships with my family – I feel I am both a better father and husband.  I am better at work, and I am just generally happier than I have been in a long time. I am indebted to you.  CFB is awesome and I can’t say enough positive things about it.  Thank you.

Erin Doyle
After having a baby and losing 30 lbs. over a year period I was ready for a change. I was extremely bored going to the gym and frankly was not pushing myself. A friend suggested looking for a CrossFit Box and it led me to CrossFit Beverly. It was initially a little intimidating because I had not considered myself an athlete since high school, but the intensity of the workout was something I had not experienced in YEARS.  I did the “On-Ramp” an introduction to the basic moves of CrossFit and it was an invaluable experience. I was taught the core moves of CrossFit and in turn felt more confident walking into the WOD’s. The thing that kept me coming back and keeps me coming back is the overwhelming sense of community. I have never belonged to a gym where it was so supportive and encouraging. I look forward to challenging myself to constantly improve and I get to see people I now consider friends. I love that there’s always room for improvement. On a superficial note, I have lost 10 more pounds and have actually seen my strength improve. I am extremely grateful to have CrossFit Beverly in my life. Thanks John and Staff!

Matt “Fetz” Fetzer
If I could give CFB more than 5 stars I would.  I am a former D1 athlete, when my athletic career was over I never thought I would work out with that level of intensity ever again.  So I worked out like many people do, ran on the treadmill, lifted some weights and thought I was in pretty good shape.  That was until I tried CFB, after the intro workout I realized that I wasn’t in shape at all and had basically been wasting time at the gym.  I was hooked instantly.

You don’t have to be a former athlete to enjoy CrossFit or have success in CrossFit.  John and his staff have the knowledge to work with athletes on every level to ensure that you will do the movements correct and get the most out of every WOD.  The environment at CFB reminds me of when I was playing in college.  When you’re in the box fighting through a WOD, you know everyone is working towards the same goal, to finish faster, to get stronger and get finish that last rep.  The support of CFB pushes you to do things you didn’t think you could.  That is what CFB is all about, pushing you as an individual athlete to get to that next level with the support of the coaches and our CFB community.  Try CFB and before you know it, just by giving each WOD  everything you have to give, youll be in the best shape of your life!!

John thank you for opening CFB it’s given me my drive back and I look forward to setting PR’s and years to come in the Box.

Patty Murray
When I decided to give Crossfit Beverly a try, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  After hearing my sister talk about how fantastic it was a, I thought, ‘Why not give it a try?’

As someone who has been part of a team my whole life and has tried so many different kind of work out routines, I immediately felt like CFB was the perfect match for me. Since day one I have felt myself growing both mentally and physically stronger, pushing my limits and trying out new things. Every class brings on new challenges that leave me with a great sense of accomplishment. As someone who is NOT a morning person, I find myself easily waking up at 5am to jumpstart my day with a WOD. This alone is the ultimate proof that CFB is working for me!

While CFB is competitive, it is as equally an extremely supportive environment. The sense of community is awesome. When someone reaches a milestone, like completing a muscle up for the first time or moving from the bands to the bar for pull-ups, John announces it to the whole CFB community and the celebration and support comes pouring through. When people are the first to finish the WOD, they cheer on those still working hard and encourage them to give it their all. Pats on the back and ‘Good job!’ are commonly seen and heard at the Box.

John and the rest of the coaching staff are great instructors and leaders. They take the time to show proper technique and form, and really push us to be better athletes.

I would suggest CFB to anyone, regardless of skill and fitness level. Everyone has got to start somewhere, and CFB offers the support and training to is the perfect place to start!  Thanks John!

Katie Frigo
I have done the aerobics classes, I have joined gyms, and I have done classes. I didn’t love any of them.  I found them annoying and crowded and mundane.  I even bought an elliptical (which is for sale if anyone is interested) so that I didn’t have to go to the gym. Meh – didn’t work. I’m not an athlete at heart.  Quite frankly, my nickname growing up was clutz!  I had trouble with coordination – let’s leave it at that.

I love the CF WODs (even though it may seem I don’t sometimes).  I am challenging myself and getting great support in the process.  I now have new goals – to complete the WODs as prescribed one day.  I’m slowly getting there, some things come quicker than others.  But I love that I can go in to each WOD and know that I will accomplish something, possibly something knew.

John and his staff are amazing people.  You have to check it out!  You will never have a better workout in your life.

Sonia Szczesniak
CrossFit Beverly is a true gem on the Southside.  It is nice not to have to travel Downtown or to a far away suburb to get a challenging and unique workout.  You do not have to be an ex-athlete to reap the benefits of this program.  CrossFit does not discriminate on age, gender, or athletic ability.  John and Chris are great at motivating and critiquing your perfomance.  If you are looking for a challenging workout outside of your normal training and comfort zone, be sure to check out CrossFit Beverly.

Tom Byrne
Being an ex-college athlete it becomes difficult to keep up your competitive edge when your career has ended.  Yes there are the bar leagues and various other compeitive leagues but the competition is usually skewed one way or another.  As I quickly fell out of shape I search for that compeitition which drove me to success in college but it is hard to find at the gyms where it is all machines which you wait in line for and usually have to be there for hours to get that great workout.

Well that search has come to an end for me and CrossFit Beverly is the answer.  John and his staff are amazing.  The support which they provide is great and they work well and slowly bringing you into the explosive world of CrossFit.  After throwing up twice the first day I realized this was the palce to get that drive back.  John keeps the energy high and the motivates you to do things you didn’t think you could do and help overcome whatever hurdle you have in front of you.  Whether you are the avid runner or professional couch potato John and his staff will be the beginning and end.  Though you are fighting the clock or number of reps and seeing who is on top, there is still a sense of community where just cause you finsihed your WOD doesn’t mean you can’t help motivate others to get better!

If your sick of the gym scence and want to get a real workout, this is where you need to be!  Thanks John

MK Heywood
I have been part of a team for as long as I can remember; playing sports, grammar school through college. Because I love the team aspect of sports, I have never enjoyed exercising on my own. Team has always been my draw to any fitness program I have tried, and I have tried them all. I have belonged to the local gym, bootcamps, and aerobics programs (just to name a few) and none compare to CrossFit Beverly. CFB offers top notch coaching, a$$ kicking Workouts, and an awesome team atmosphere.

The owner and head coach, John is awesome. He is encouraging, enthusiastic, energetic, and knows his stuff. John is passionate about CF and it shows. He will teach you proper form and correct you if you are doing a movement wrong so you will not get hurt. He will even do a WOD with you so you won’t have to do it alone.
He is a family man and encourages you to bring your kid(s) to the WODs (even if you have a babysitter). John brings his daughter who is sure to cheer for you on those tough Saturday morning WODs.

I love how each WOD is posted online before the workout. As soon as my alarm rings, I check the WOD. I have never been so eager to hop out of bed for a workout. It is obvious that much thought went into programming because each WOD is always challenging and makes me push past my comfort zone. CFB has all fitness levels and each WOD can be modified.

As if great coaching and challenging WODs weren’t enough to get me hooked, what really sets CFB apart is the supportative community and team atmosphere. I was intimidated at first, but everyone was so welcoming. I have a special place in my heart for the 6:30am crew and couldn’t get through the WODs without them. Everyone encourages and pushes each other to go harder, faster and heavier. The CFB athletes are working towards a better “me” both mentally and physically which creates a great camaraderie.

Bottom line, CrossFit works. You will get in the best shape of your life and have a blast doing it.

Thank you to John for bringing CrossFit to Beverly

Michelle Jaques
Why Crossfit?  I say, why not?

I have always had an interest and participated in sports throughout my life.  I have always had a competitive nature.  It wasn’t until a few years ago after a surgery that I became more committed to my fitness.  In my quest to get fit, I got leaner, stronger and more confident.  With my new found attitude I became driven to do more and see more change.  Perhaps I could blame the endorphins coursing through my body or more aptly the frustrations in my life at the time.  Lots of frustration…to supplant all that frustration in my life I decided to be a walk on for the local competitive Roller Derby League, Windy City Rollers, and I qualified.  Thus was born Na’cho Gringa, an opportunity to put on an alter persona who gets to release of life’s aggression on willing participants while getting some serious exercise; Bonus!  I enjoyed the community, the varied personalities, silliness, compassion, dedication and spirit of an amazing group of athletes – think Rugby players on skates; fast, strong and incredibly agile.  But the late nights of drills and the expressed need to attend more practices to better my chances of be drafted to a team was just too much for this train commuting wife and mother of 2.  So alas, something had to give and my badass derby persona, Na’cho Gringa, had to be put in a corner.   As luck would have it, while I was contemplating retiring Na’cho Gringa,  John sparked my interest over the summer with free WOD’s in the park in anticipation of opening a local Crossfit affiliate in the neighborhood.  I quit derby in November and Crossfit Beverly opened in December – Yea!  The Crossfit community is very much the same as the derby community with people cheering you on, supportive, expecting to see you at “practice”, good natured competition, physically demanding and rewarding.  I have to admit to missing full body contact (John?  Is there a WOD for that? J ).  As a social person by nature I love the community that Crossfit creates – I need that to help in my fitness motivation.  It makes those 5am wake ups tolerable.  I love that everyone does the same workout, especially when every workout can be scaled to every ones abilities.  I love that during the WOD, when I’m trying to do my personal best, I can look over my shoulder to see how the guy/gal next to me is fairing and use that to push myself a little harder to get an extra set or finish a little stronger.

I do Crossfit because it’s all about me.  Challenge myself, challenge others and reap the rewards of a PR or an @ss kicking WOD beaten. A fist bump from other athletes on a job well done is icing on the cake. And who knows maybe my new love of Crossfit could be just the thing to bring Na’cho Gringa out of retirement and really kick some derby @ss! I say, WHY NOT!?

Wendy Jorjorian-Charter Member since December 2011:

I never thought I would be where I am today, on the road to fitness, maybe even a bikini this summer! To my Crossfit family: Thank you for all the encouragement . If I met you today, last week or at the ONRAMP in January you would never know. I truly appreciate the genuine support that is the common thread to CrossFit Beverly. It keeps me coming back. To John, I love and hate you all at the same time, A sentiment I usually reserve for my husband. LOL! I cannot imagine missing a class. I have never gotten out of bed for anyone or anything at 5 am more than once until CFB. Truly great coaching!



2 comments on “Athlete Testimonials

  1. Thanks to John and all of the great people at CFB for letting me drop in. I can’t wait to come back and see the new gym. If you’re ever in San Deigo, come by CF Invictus.

  2. John, of there is an opening tomorrow for yoga would it be possible for my wife to give it a try? What is the fee?

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